Integrated E-commerce Solutions

Our Integrated E-commerce solution provide a full solution for online business owners, from creating an eCommerce website, marketing to warehousing and delivery.

• E-commerce Web Design & Development

We create your online presence by designing visually appealing responsive online shopping site.
Our E-commerce Platform Features:

Product Management

Create and update product information like product name, short description, regular and sales price and more. Offer any number of variations (like color, size, etc) for a product with the option to set prices, stock and images.

Stock Management

Track stock levels, hold stock after an order is cancelled, get notifications for low and out-of-stock items, hide out-of-stock items and more.
Out-of-stock label display automatically on the product.

Order Management

Add customer notes, edit stock manually, mark items you shipped, and manage the fulfillment process.
Send notifications to administrators and customers after they make a purchase or when their order is complete.

Shipping Management

Shipping options: Give customers the option of pickup, local delivery or shipping.
Shipping rates: Set a flat rate or define specific rates for different products.
Free shipping: Offer free shipping for certain products or certain locations.

Built-in Payment Processing from Leading Providers

Our platform provide payment gateway via Stripe and PayPal.
Accept credit cards, Direct Bank Transfer, checks or Cash on Delivery.

Optimize your store to sell more

Coupons: Give customers coupons for a fixed amount, a percentage off or special offers like free shipping. Offer coupons for their whole cart or certain products.
Reporting: View sales, refunds and coupons over time. See your top products and categories.

• Digital Marketing

Once your e-commerce website is up and running, we make its online presence found organically using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is a long term strategy to achieve a more sustainable result. To implement SEO, we will:

  • Analyze and optimize the website
  • Do research on competitor
  • Propose the right keywords
  • Setup web analytics
  • Monitor and report website ranking

As a complement to SEO, Pay-Per-Click (Google AdWords) is effective in capturing targeted audience. It is highly recommended for businesses with seasonal products because of its short launch period. Businesses will see result almost instantly with a strategically planned PPC Campaign. Here are some other good reasons to implement PPC:

  • Attract new and returning customer
  • Reach the right people at the right time
  • Expand your client base locally and globally
  • Easier and faster as compared to SEO

Social media is the leading platform for high levels of information transaction and content development online.

Creating a strong social media presence is one of the key factors to controlling the brand narrative online. We will help you create and manage your content on Facebook pages, Instagram profiles and twitter account that stands in favored position in consumer’s minds. We communicate business’ promotions through creative campaigns to create hype and generate leads.

• Warehousing

Our 10,000 sqft warehouse located at central Singapore is easily accessible and charges based on per square foot used per week.
We offers a wide range of storage solutions that include:

Inventory Management

Label Pasting

Pick and Packs

Our integrated platform enables us to have full visibility of transaction and inventory information. Businesses are able to manage orders and inventory in real-time. Orders will be pushed into our inventory management system (warehouse) automatically for delivery fulfillment.

• Delivery

Our fleet of vehicles can help to deliver your goods of any sizes domestically and internationally. Being in the industry for over 20 years, we have a unique model of organizing fixed fleet and crowd-sourced delivery drivers to provide businesses a cost effective and scalable delivery service. Through our platform, you will be notify about the status of your delivery orders.